Friday, July 30, 2010

Independence gone amuck

My kids are independent... and I love it. They get themselves dressed (although I sometimes have to face the consequences of that), they bathe themselves and my older two can even make breakfast. Of course, all of them are capable of pouring a bowl of cereal but my older two can also make pancakes, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Even can though a part of me loves it when they "need" me, it's also pretty sweet when they can help out. Sometimes, of course, independence can get out of control.

Like today, for instance. I took my kids to the gas station (it's the local hangout in our small town - at least for our family) to get some slushies. Sure enough, The Queen (six-years-old) marched right in, grabbed a cup and started filling it before I could even catch up to her. When I did, I came upon a huge yellow mess and a slurpee machine spitting out all of its contents everywhere! Unfortunately the lever had come completely off, leaving the slushy contents to come spurting out both the top and bottom.

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Note to self: Slurpee machines are not so kid-friendly. Note to gas station employees: Sorry for the embarrassing mess, thanks for cleaning it up, and I'll be sure to continue my loyal patronage to make it up.

I'm Michelle and my kids LIKE doing my work for me... most of the time.

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