Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't feel like working today...

How many of you ever feel like that? That's how I'm feeling today and I must admit that I've been feeling this way for a couple of days now. While I've managed to get a little work in, it hasn't been near what it should be. I recognize that many don't have a choice... they have to go to work whether they want to or not. The truth is, so do I. I just don't have to clock in at any particular time.And I don't get paid if I don't do the work. (Whoever invented that rule??)

Since I have to work (especially if I want to go on that trip I've been planning), here's what I'm going to do:
  1. I'm going to take my kids to the gas station to get a treat (hey, that's all we have around here and it's the happening place)- This will get me out of the house for a few minutes, bribe my kids and give me a caffeine boost to ward off the headache that's coming. Talk about killing 3 birds with one stone.
  2.  Then I'll come home and turn on my favorite upbeat music and rock out like noone's watching (and let's hope that they're not). That should get the blood flowing to my brain so that I can concentrate, plus maybe it will burn off at least a portion of that Coke I just drank. (Crossing my fingers.)
  3. Next, I'll take my laptop to The Dungeoun (my office), so that I can work for at least a couple of hours with less interruptions.
  4. Lastly, since I got a late start, I'll have to accept that I may not get as much done today as I'd like to. Instead of beating myself up, I'll forgive myself for being a lazy bum and commit to doing better tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, what do you do to pull yourself out of the doldrums?

P.S. For any of you that ever feel this way, check out this blog. It's about writing, but I think it applies to almost anything. A "just do it" kind of thing.

P.S.S. Also, check out How to Get Things Done When You're Feeling Overwhelmed, by Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger.


  1. I am a Graphic Designer and sometimes my job title should be "Creativity on Demand". When I have too many deadlines it is hard to get going so the age old idea of writing a to-do list helps a lot. I then look at just the first thing on the list and put all effort into that. Once I get going, the creativity starts coming and I climb out of my funk.

  2. My office is a dungeon too!! I wish it wasn't. I don't use it nearly enough because of where it's located in the house. Anyways. We all have those days where we don't want to work. At least you have a plan to get stuff done anyways. Good for you! Glad you found me on twitter. I love reading other writer's blogs.

    And your family is absolutely beautiful and adorable. I am always bias towards mixed-race families because I have one too :)


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