You'd think that after 11 years, I'd be a pro. But, as anyone who is a parent knows, you never figure it all out until you have grandchildren. Let's hope that is a long ways away for me! In the meantime, I'm a busy and distracted work-from-home mom of four children. I work from home for my family's sake, mostly. But working from home is a real challenge. It's one that I'm grateful for, but it's definitely work and it's not always easy. Working from home makes the task of balancing your life that much more difficult. I know that it's merely a dream for most, but sometimes it seems that working in an office might actually be easier. I do all of my jobs (writer, mom, housekeeper, and church responsibilities) at the same time. It's hard to keep them all balanced.

I'm a natural fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of girl, but I'm learning that I need order and structure to function at my best. The collision of the two worlds is often humorous, sometimes frustrating and always entertaining. This blog is an accounting of my efforts to make it all work. It's a little bit humorous, a little bit serious and a little bit self-discovery. I talk about all aspects of my life, namely family, work and church sprinkled with friends and neighbors on top. Follow along to learn from my mistakes or to just feel better about all of the things that you're doing right and have discovered for yourself. Feel free to leave suggestions and your own bit of insight and experience. After all, it takes a village... to train a mom.