Thursday, July 15, 2010

FYI: We Don't Want Your Yucky Clothes

I’ve had a couple of experiences in the last month working with donated goods… you know old, outdated flowery decorations, funky furniture and used clothes. It’s been quite fun to see the things that people actually wear. I’ve considered starting a blog called Yes, Someone Actually Wore This. It’s fun to imagine what it might actually have been used for or who wore it. I only hope that the original owner is never standing near enough to hear me when I get started. Oops. I apologize if I offended anyone, but consider yourself schooled. LOL … just kiddin’, kind of.
Anyway, I’m wishing that I would have taken at least some pictures because they would make a great addition to this blog post. Instead, you’ll have to be satisfied with these pictures I found online (courtesy of

Ok, so last weekend my neighbors put together a huge yard sale to benefit a neighbor who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I got assigned the lovely job of sorting through a MASSIVE pile of used clothes. Some of the things we found were nothing short of HILARIOUS. We found an old, bright pink baton-twirler outfit with huge shoulders. My Bishop (my religious leader) told me that if I wore it to church, he would let me sing a solo too. Seriously??? I don’t know what would scare people more, my cellulite or my singing. I’m thinking the singing.
Anyway, I digress. We also found some bright pink pants (to go with the baton-twirling outfit, of course) with blood stains on the legs, BONUS. If that’s not enough we also found a chewed off belt (for those skinny kids – like mine- that can’t fit regular-sized belts), silky pants with rhinestones and yes, dirty socks. EEEWWWW! I don’t even like to touch my own kids' dirty socks, people. But this was for charity, so what am I going to do? All I’m saying is, some things belong in the trash can… or your washing machine.
Well, let’s look on the bright side – I can now sympathize with the patient folks who work at DI (Utah’s version of Goodwill). And I promise not to be one of those offenders. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever donated… or found at a yard sale?
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  1. That's just vile. The fact that it's for a charity is the reason you don't donate dirty socks. WHo is going to buy those, seriously? What was that parson thinking?

    I chose to write a story about socks this week also but mine were clean!

    Great post! I'm following!


  2. That is gross. I always wash and fold my donation clothes. I did donate some of my kids underwear and wondered if the center would just throw them away? They were still "nice" and clean but I'm not sure they want underwear???

  3. I was involved with the clothing exchange in the 'early' years. I've seen it all after that experience- underwear in all forms- even sacred. And lingerie. Ick.

    And just so you teenagers saw the photos above and said they would take BOTH in a HEARTBEAT. Especially the shiny silver spandex. Wow.


  4. Really?? The shiny spandex!! WOW, That's hilarious, Kim! I guess that I'm completely behind the times.


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