Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Chapter and a Mixed Bag of Emotions

Today I was released from a church calling that I've served in for the last three years of my life. (For those that don't understand, a calling is kind of like volunteer work that we don't volunteer for. We willingly serve because we believe it is our duty to God.) This calling has been heavy at times and yes, I do feel some measure of relief. But I also feel incredibly sad, unsettled, anxious, excited, and more than anything - grateful.

I have had the amazing opportunity to serve the women in my ward, to learn from them, to cry with them, to pray for them and to watch them grow. In the meantime, it has been me that has probably grown the most. I have been so blessed. I have grown to love these women so much and I am incredibly sad for this chapter of my life to be over. I will miss visiting these women in their homes and caring for their needs. I know our friendship doesn't end with this assignment but the dynamics will surely change.

With this release will come a loss of divine inspiration that was definitely present and needed for me to be able to serve in this capacity. And oh how I will miss it. I have felt the love of my Savior constantly for the last three years. I know He still loves me and I know He will provide other opportunities for me to serve. I look forward to those opportunities because more than anything, I have learned the value of service. Whenever we give of ourselves, it is given back to us tenfold.

I am so grateful for the women I have been able to serve with. They are some of my very best friends. I have learned that we love the people we serve and we love the people we serve with. I love these women and am grateful for all of the wonderful memories that I get to take with me and the deep friendships.

I have put together a series of posts about what I have learned in this service. They are probably more for mine and my family's sake, but I hope you will oblige me by allowing me to post them here to share with whomever may wish to read them. I think there is something for everyone in these posts. And then we can get back to the laughter and mayhem of everyday living with four soon-to-be-five kids and one chaotic work-from-home mommy.

I wish I would have taken more pictures!!


  1. you are an amazing women and im so grateful for all the times you were there for me,,, i am sure god has something big and exciting in store for you, lots of love

  2. Thanks, Brandy! You're amazing too. You and your husband have made a huge impact on our ward and it has been so fun to get to know you guys!


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