Friday, December 24, 2010

In His Service - Lessons Learned in My Service as a Relief Society President

Lesson2: He Lives

I can't count the number of times I have witnessed this truth over the last three years. I can't say that I witnessed any huge miraculous events, but I definitely saw His hand in many, many small and simple things.

At one time I kept thinking of a woman in my ward.For no particular reason, her name kept coming up in conversations and she kept popping into my mind. It turned out that one of my counselors was having the same experience. We scheduled an appointment to visit with her. At first everything was fairly casual as we caught up on the daily comings and goings of her life. But by the end, we knew exactly why we were there. She needed someone to listen to her and to love her. We couldn't fix her problems for her, but at least we were aware of them now and could support her through them.

As I went home that day, I felt the power and love of my Savior. I knew that He had a hand in this work. This wonderful woman needed to feel His love and He sent us to give it to her.

This experience has been repeated on several occasions with other women throughout my time in His service. The events may not have been grand but the accumulation of these experiences is more than I could ever create on my own. He Lives and He is a present and active force in our lives, We can KNOW this for ourselves simply by paying attention to these small and simple things.

I know my Savior lives.

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