Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discipline Tips: It's no fun being grounded!

Last night I pretty much grounded all four of my kids for the rest of their childhood experiences. Okay, it's only 2 days, but it feels like ETERNITY to me!! And that brings up an important point. Why do we like to torture ourselves so much?

Like when my mom used to tell us, as she was whipping our hynies, that it actually hurt her more than it did us. ???

Okay... okay.. I guess I can see that. I choose not to spank my kids, but seriously I think it would be less painful... to me, that is.

Because they didn't do their chores, even though I threatened them with all but their very existence, they are now confined to the INSIDE of the house (where I am) with only the company of their siblings. There is to be no TV, video games or computer time. What is there to do, you ask? Well, fight and bicker, of course. Oh and don't forget: Make. A. Bigger. Mess.

I HATE being grounded..... When does school start again?

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