Friday, June 11, 2010

My pajamas are ruining my life

I really love my pajamas. If I could, I think I would stay in them all day. In fact, I often do. I do try to get dressed at least before my husband comes home. (I need to at least look like I've been busy. Shhhhh... Let's just let that be our little secret.) It turns out, though, that my pajamas are doing more harm than good, regardless of how comfortable they are.

At the blogging conference I went to, I met a woman named Marie Ricks and I got to have a one-on-one mini session with her. My friend Liz, from Family Scratch, decided to tell Marie all of my deepest darkest secrets... ok maybe not that dark.... and it turns out that Marie had a lot of really good answers for me.

One of my biggest problems is organizing my time and being consistent (with housework and real work). And guess what she told me? ......

I need to give up my PAJAMAS.
At least when I get up in the morning, that is.

It was as if she had been following me around in secret. I mean, how does SHE know about my little issue? But she was right. It turns out that I'm not a bad housekeeper at all - it's the pajamas. I'm not overweight - it's the pajamas. I'm not a grouchy mom - that's right, it's the pajamas. Chocolate, caffeine, daytime television - you got it.... PAJAMAS. They're ruining my life!!!

Since I've started getting ready for the day when I first wake up, it has made a world of difference. I'm a nicer mom (don't ask my kids, though, just take my word for it), my paychecks have gotten bigger, my sex life has improved (again, just take my word for it) and YES, my house is clean(er).

And here's the bonus: I don't have to be embarrassed when my neighbors stop by and see me looking like this:
(the hat is to cover up my messy hair and the boots are because my feet were cold)

FYI: this picture was staged... but, I really did answer the door in an outfit just like this - only without the hat and with messier hair - a couple of weeks before my run-in with Marie... and I was COMPLETELY embarrassed


  1. hahahaha "just take my word for it". I love you Michelle, you make me laugh and most of the time you don't even do it on purpose! *wink*

  2. GRRR!! I just had my whole 10 page comment deleted, maybe it's because I'm in my pajamas! I guess you'll just have to ask me what the comment was!

    I'm going to go get dressed now because of my comment and because someone might just stop by!

  3. Michelle,

    I just found your blogs...I love them! That said...I actually read the same thing about pj's in a book about organizing. Is said that we need to get dressed every morning and do our hair, make-up the whole 9 yards, even put on shoes. It said that sub-consciously when we stay in our pj's we aren't really ready to do any thing. Since pj's are for resting and lounging around....that's what we want to do when we're in them.

  4. Thanks, Suzann! The pajama thing.... totally true. But I do still like to hang out in them sometimes. Old habits die hard.


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