Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Farewell to an old Friend

Yum-yum and I met Rusti shortly before we were married. We all became instant friends, and she has been a presence in our lives ever since then. For 14 years, she has been there for us through all the good times and the bad. She was there when I was sick and puking through labor pains with Mr. Show-Off and she was there when Mr. Show-Off came home. Rusti was there for us when we decided to make the long journey to move to Utah, and for our all of our heart-felt hellos and good-byes with the family we left behind. She carried us when we were learning how to adjust to each new child and what it meant to go from one to two and two to three and three to four. Sure, there have been seasons of our life when we didn't call on her as often. But, Rusti, we came to learn, was among our most reliable friends. We always knew we could count on her. When our luck was down she was there. Oh, we've done our share for Rusti too. We've helped her through some illnesses, given her money when needed and we've come to love her in the process. We will truly miss Rusti. She was laid to rest this afternoon, the first day of June, 2010. May she rest in peace.

In honor of all that she done for us, we have decided to donate Rusti's organs, so that she may save little Civics like her from a similar fate. Rusti's final resting place? A junkyard in Orem. May her caretakers know what a loyal friend she was and treat her remains accordingly. So long, good friend.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering: Yum-Yum crashed the car last Thursday... into another car. Claim #3 in less than 6 months means that we are also mourning the loss of good insurance rates.

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  1. i love your blog.. its so cute..poor poor rusti..lol


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